Peach, as seen in A Koopa's Revenge.

is the second boss of the game A Koopa's Revenge and Koopa finds her at the end of the level Mushroom Forest 3. She has kidnapped one of Koopa's Goomba friends.


Peach wears a yellow crown and has long blonde hair. She wears a royal pink dress and is also wearing red shoes. She appears to have no feelings for Koopa.

As a BossEdit

Peach is battled in a magical flower garden. She floats her way through the garden, left to right, and she

Peach, tossing mushrooms at Koopa.

attacks Koopa by throwing evil-looking mushrooms at him. Peach can be defeated by jumping on a grown flower and jumping right on her when she is floating. She can be easily defeated with a blue shell on. Koopa can jump directly on her without the help of the growing flowers. After jumping on her a few times, she will be defeated.

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